Born in 2017, Team Asari, brought together a team of like-minded individuals to form a positive movement, leading up to Saint Lucia Carnival 2017. As a newcomer on the carnival scene, we had a successful launch as we portrayed “The Paradox” under the name Dynasty Carnival. Our signature event Project Pineapple was also a great success and will continue to be our main event as time goes by.

Bitter Sweet Section - Dynasty Carnival 2017

Dynasty Carnival made us proud on the road for 2017 and we would like to say a heartfelt than you to all the revelers who trusted us and allowed us to be their band.

Without you our supporters Dynasty Carnival would not have been a success.

Young and ambitious persons always push forward even after being success full, therefore the entire ASARI team felt the need to call a full rebranding of the movement as 2018 approached.

On December 12th, 2017, a new revitalized movement emerged out of the old team and was called ASARI TRIBE.

We have always been a TRIBE, bringing positivity and good vibes to Saint Lucia Carnival.



Asari Tribe is in its 2nd year of existence after a triumphant year in 2017. The Team achieved some key objectives, mainly, delivery of the perfect carnival experience for our revelers, our team members and onlookers alike. In our inaugural year, we placed 6th in Band of the year, 2nd in King of the bands & 3rd in Queen of the bands.

The mantra that we live by is not to be the biggest band; rather we focus on individual reveler detail and catering to their needs.

This year every section is represented by not 1 but 2 section managers who based on the section numbers have a number of volunteers assigned.

The delivery of mouthwatering cuisine last year was deliberate as every band can offer essentially the same bar offerings, but not all can speak to your bellies like Asari does, meals were delivered upon scheduled time, with meat, seafood or veg options with sides like potato wedges & pies. Hamburgers & of course the ever finger licking good KFC chicken, Sushi in Imperial sections and oh yes lots and lots of free candy on the road to keep your sugar up.

Asari Tribe is very very very serious about alcohol control and we do maintain periods where the bar delivers a water break as revelers need to replenish the bodies the right way, we absolutely do not promote irresponsible drinking at it can be very dangerous for the drinker and others around.

Safety, reveler and team safety comes first. We have a full security team who are visible & plain clothes Officers within to maintain order and ward off any undesirables who attempt to infiltrate our reveler and team experience.

Allow me to say that we look forward to welcoming all our passed revelers, all our new revelers to the Tribe, Asari Tribe, we are not into the Hype we are here for your Vibe, Our Vibe, The Asari Tribe Vibe.

Let’s have an Epic Carnival 2018.


Rohan Lovence

Band Director 




Castries, Saint Lucia, W.I

info@asaricarnival.com | +1-758-460-9292

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